common problem


 1.I received a damaged item

 It is inevitable that there will be damage problems in international transportation, so when you receive the damaged goods, please contact us, we will re-send you the goods as soon as possible.


2.How long will it take for my package to be received?

 There are many problems in international transportation that will cause your parcel to be received late, such as the delay of the flight in transit, the customs clearance speed of the target country, the delay of express delivery caused by the new coronavirus, etc., you can open the express inquiry website (www.17track.net/en) at any time .net/en) Enter your waybill number to check the logistics track of your parcel.


 3.Why I have applied for a refund but haven't received the money yet.

 Refund and return the items (return policy)

After you apply for a return, we will arrange a refund for you after receiving your return items and confirming that it will not affect the secondary sale. Usually it takes about 3 working days to reach your account (according to the efficiency of different banks in different countries, the time will change slightly)

 Refunds but not return the items

Because of damage to the product or other reasons, we agree to refund and the product does not need to be returned. After you apply for a refund, we will refund you within 3 working days after confirming your refund information (but the time may vary slightly according to different countries and different banks)


 4.Why is the amount displayed in my shopping cart different from the amount I actually paid?

 Our website is all settled in US dollars. The checkout amount you see on the website will be automatically converted and displayed according to the real-time exchange rate according to the currency of your country, so you don’t have to worry at all.


 5.Can I delay delivery?

 If you want to buy now and delay the delivery time, please contact us by email and tell us the time you need to send it. We will be happy to serve you.


6.I want to give this product as a gift to others. Can I wrap it as a gift? (Gift Wrapping Plan)

 Yes, we provide gift outer packaging for some small commodities. Please leave a message on the remarks of the order when you purchase the items you need. We will try our best, but we cannot guarantee that the packaging will not be damaged during transportation.