Designer's win-win plan

Designer's win-win plan

Overview of the plan

HGHOM has always believed in the concept of "beautiful design changes life", and we have been pursuing novel, comfortable, and environmentally friendly product designs. Therefore, we hope to absorb more outstanding products with unique designs in the process of continuous exploration. For this reason, we have made a plan for more good designs: If you are a designer and you want your design to be produced in the form of a product, or to be seen by more people, you can contact us (, we will carefully review your ideas and finally find a suitable time to complete this beautiful plan.

You can get more benefits as follows:

  1. First of all, regardless of whether we adopt your design or not, please rest assured that we will keep your ideas strictly confidential. If your design concept is finally adopted, we will sign a confidential document that complies with the law with you.
  2. If your design is adopted, we will name the product with your name or the name you specify, and if the product space permits, we will print your name or title together with the product logo on the product, you will get more attention and influence with us, and everyone who uses the product can remember you.
  3. Once your design is adopted, we will have a variety of remuneration systems to match you, so that you can not only realize your ideas but also get rich economic returns.
  4. Once the design is adopted, we will sign a document with legal effect with you to protect the rights of both parties.

Finally, we are eager to complete this beautiful mission with you.

look forward to hearing from you.

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