About Presale

1.What does pre-sale product mean?

Commodity pre-sale refers to the activity in which the merchant publishes the commodity information in advance, and gives some preferential pre-order policies, and the customer pays the deposit in advance for the purchase. HGHOM's pre-sale products refer to the new eco-friendly magnesia furniture series. You can buy your favorite magnesium oxide furniture series products in the HGHOM online store. After placing the order, the estimated production time is 30 days, and the products will be dispatched from the warehouse after 30 days. The estimated logistics and transportation time is 35 days, and it will take a total of 65 days. You can receive to this product.
HGHOM's new eco-friendly furniture series uses magnesium oxide material to reduce the impact of non-degradable waste on the earth and our lives, we are committed to finding the most practical and environmentally friendly materials and designs to deliver a healthy, elegant and eco-friendly lifestyle. Magnesium oxide is the best choice for outdoor furniture due to its all-weather, low-maintenance advantages. Magnesium oxide composite material elements In addition to being artistic, magnesium oxide composite furniture is strong enough and has a large capacity to be used for a long time.


2.Why do we want to pre-sale?

In order to put HGHOM's new concept of environmental protection magnesium oxide furniture series into "environmental protection and practicality", it will reasonably arrange production and effectively utilize resources, and conduct a 65-day pre-sale activity, during which you will be at the best price. Buy this collection.

HGHOM also hopes that through this month-long pre-sale promotion, you can buy the most favorite furniture products that suit your home style. We will also prepare for delivery and logistics through the pre-sale event. If you like please don't hesitate, the sooner you buy the sooner you receive the goods.