Price protection strategy

Price protection strategy

Since its operation, HGHOM has been following the principle of making every customer happy to shop. However, due to market and operational needs, we may adjust the prices of some products from time to time, resulting in a situation that customers have "the product has not been received but the price of the product has dropped". So after many discussions with our team, we decided to start our "price protection" strategy to improve the purchasing experience of every customer.

The strategy is as follows:

"If you find that the price of our products has been reduced within 5 days after placing the order, you can contact our customer service staff, and we will compensate you for the price difference.


The price of the product you bought is $100.00, and the price of the product drops to $90.00 within 5 days, you can contact us to refund the difference of $10.00 to you


Looking forward to serving you

HGHOM team